COVID-19 Resources

With COVID-19 continuing to impact students, families, and higher education, we have created a series of tools to help campus leaders to immediately support families as they partner with us to ensure their student is successful and remains enrolled.

Visit the Resource page or call 615-436-4500 for immediate support.




Every Student Matters

Even with all the right supports on campus, students fail or drop out. Parents/families hold the key to increased persistence and completion rates.

Parents as educational partners

Decades of research affirm that when parents are involved as educational partners, students excel and graduate. We provide customized solutions to strengthen your relationship with parents to support completion and Advancement goals.

Ignite the silent majority

Every parent wants the best for his/her student and many want to be more helpful but don’t know how. We engage busy parents by maximizing today’s technology and applying micro-learning principles. We specialize in reaching low-income, ethnically diverse and non- or limited English-speaking parents.

Value & Expertise


We are seasoned higher education leaders who are committed to helping colleges and universities close achievement and completion gaps.

Alignment & Integration

We use research and evaluation to align and integrate our work with yours, so that our solutions complement your existing retention and completion strategies.


We produce culturally-relevant co-branded digital content that is packaged and ready for you to deliver to your parents, so that your staff can remain focused on other completion priorities.


We craft solutions unique to your needs and completion goals.

Cost effectiveness

Our solutions are turn-key and designed eliminate the need to hire more full-time staff.

Our Team

Higher education leaders, outreach and national award-winning university marketing communications professionals experienced in engaging highly-diverse parents.

Current and former faculty who know the challenges facing today’s college students and how parents can help.

More than 30 years of combined outreach experience engaging African American, Hispanic, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese parents and families.

National award-winning university communications professionals skilled at digital communication and branding.

Parents of current and recent college students who want to help others navigate this time of transition and opportunity.

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